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About Nanded City

Historical Importance

Nanded was earlier known as "Nandigram". It is near about equi-distance from some important cities like Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Solapur, and Nagpur. Nanded has a fascinating blend of history, culture and adventure. The presence of Sachkand Gurudwara has marked Nanded as an important tourist destination with over a million tourists visiting this holy place every year. The district has also gained importance due to the ancient temples of Lord Dattatreya and Renuka Devi, Lord Kandhoba and the Parli Vajinath.


Nanded is home to very good educational institutions and is one of the important regional education centers in Marathwada region; these institutions cater to students in various disciplines like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Management, Agriculture and Sciences etc.

Demographic information

The table below gives the details.

Population 28,76,259
Literacy Rate 68.52%
Population density 272 per